LCS attends to collection from your office delivery of correspondence to the Master and checks regularly for reply correspondence & potential queries.

LCS offers a wide range of specialist legal messenger services which also include attendances at the offices of the Master of the High Court. LCS also obtains certified copies of documents needed and provides you and your firm with regular feedback on the progress. The Online management system stores all of this vital information. Submission of application for Letters of Executorship or Authority. Acknowledgement copy will be uploaded on our website and available for viewing and printing. Automatic follow-up after diarized


Door to Door Delivery

LCS offers a wide variety of services specifically designed to accommodate their client’s individual requirements. A Professional and reliable Local, National and International Courier services that is on Time… Every time. Same day and Overnight…


Litigation, Court processes and other Legal services are specialized Services offered throughout Gauteng and Cape Town while Standard Courier services are offered and avaiable world-wide…

Conveyancing & Consulting

LCS boasts a unique Online System providing their clients with a platform on which all Applications for Clearance Figures in Gauteng can be applied for. Step by step updates and feedback are available at the click of a button.