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Your Online
Management Solution

Your Online
Management Solution

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Legal Courier Services has a unique Online Management system for all of their clients who have successfully registered. This management system provides each client a platform on which all documents and consignments can be managed. A totally transparent system which confirms the date the booking was made, tracking, update history and Proof of Delivery stored for at least five years. This system allows for you to choose a service from a list of pre-loaded services and then customize as needed, with an integrated messaging tool to keep you updated every step of the way. Pre-loaded fees prevent incorrect billing and provide current account balances throughout the month. Sign up today and gain control


Please follow the below step by step guide to assist you with your LCS Online process.

We are excited that you have chosen to join our team at Legal Courier Services, we look forward to working with you and your firm. Most Important : In order for Legal Courier Services to keep each ‘user’ updated on each matter at all times it is important that all your employees receive their own login details for direct online communication. Kindly email a list of all employees to andrea@legalcourier.co.za for automated loading.

How to guide - the basics - getting started


Register with Legal Courier Services and Manage your User access


Book a Collection or Delivery Service

New Litigation / Court Process

Book a New Litigation / Court Process

Locating applications

How to Locate my Applications to send a message or download my proof of delivery

Adding Users

Add Users and Add to your Address book

Accounts Department help

Viewing a service fee

How to view a service fee before an invoice is billed


How to Download your Invoice


How to view a waybill for all information and references

Master of the High Court guide

Master of high court

Booking a new Master of the High Court Service

Queries & Replies

How to View Master Queries and upload replies

Master Matters

How to locate my Master matters, Proof of delivery to court, Updates, next follow up date.

Bulk Summons guide

Bulk application

How to create a new Bulk Application for new summons.

Locate Bulk Matters

How to locate Bulk Matters, view follow up dates and draw reports for updates.

Clearance Figures & Certificates

New Clearance

How to Apply for New Clearance figures.

Locating my clearance

How to Locate my Clearance Applications.

Clearance Certificates

How to apply for Clearance Certificates once Figures have been issued.

After Transfer Solutions

After Transfer Solutions, Billing Queries and more