Dedicated to the collection & delivery of legal documents for law firms, advocates, financial institutions and other establishments, the LCS team have the necessary knowledge and understanding of the environment in which legal documents are exchanged. LCS takes pride in offering a simple yet fast and reliable collection and delivery service assuring you peace of mind with all your critical matters. Our highly-experienced staff are equipped to tackle any challenges while maintaining a professional and respectful working relationship with their clients. Legal Courier Services makes use of an in-house Online program to ensure that every document is accounted for and updated daily. LCS is not limited to Legal Documents and can deliver any document or parcel world-wide for anyone.

Your Specialized Messenger Solution



LCS can offer our diverse client base various options of spend to suit their budget. Ad-hoc is a favorite to new comers testing the waters and more confident clients choose a monthly account which offers monthly itemized billing on all matters. LCS has a range of clients opting for fixed monthly subscription services which provide fixed annual budget planning. The LCS subscription service calculates to a lot less than what a full time in-house messenger would cost. At the end of the day you benefit from 10 messengers and everyone knows just how much one messenger can accomplish in one given day no matter how good he is.

Door to Door Delivery

LCS offers a wide variety of services specifically designed to accommodate their client’s individual requirements. A Professional and reliable Local, National and International Courier services that is on Time… Every time. Same day and Overnight…


Litigation, Court processes and other Legal services are specialized Services offered throughout Gauteng and Cape Town while Standard Courier services are offered and avaiable world-wide…

Deceased Estates

LCS offers a wide range of specialist legal messenger services which also include attendances at the offices of the Master of the High Court. LCS attends to the collection from your office,…

Conveyancing & Consulting

LCS boasts a unique Online System providing their clients with a platform on which all Applications for Clearance Figures in Gauteng can be applied for. Step by step updates and feedback are available at the click of a button.


National &

Urgent deliveries
road freight
after hours


With a Reliable, Dedicated and Experienced Legal Messenger, you know that you are always in the right hands. Take away the day to day stress by using a Professional & Unique Online Management System that provides tracking and tracing so there is no room for error. LCS offers a fully transparent and automated Document Management system which provides all the facts for a period of 5 years. There are various online functions and reports availble to enable you to keep your eye on all matters leaving and entering your business. Nothing can get misplaced. You have more control that ever. Why choose anything else to handle your mail. The hassle of training new staff, vehicle break downs, sickly employees is a thing of the past. Sign up for your own fleet of messengers which will priorotize every matter received whether a complex court process or simple door to door delivery. LCS has been in the industry for 23 years and they are aware of the time sensitive nature in which your documents must be completed. Monthly Subscription is the way to go if you looking for a reliable , cost effective solution that is on Time … Every time.

Bulk Summons Management

LCS provides all collection and delivery services on an affordable, simple, fast and reliable basis. Offering once-off ad-hoc Litigation and courier processes as well as BULK court processes at all courts in Gauteng and the Western Cape. A fixed waybill rate is charged for each Court process at a particular Court regardless of the weight, quantity and Area location in Gauteng or the Western Cape. An admin fee is charged per matter / document. This applies for Issuing, Issuing plus delivery to the Sheriff as well as Application for Default Judgement This fee includes the delivery – follow up and collection of the documents no matter how many times this office is visited for follow up.
Please contact our office to arrange your volumes and applicable charge.

Online Management System

LCS has developed a unique Legal Document Management System which is available to all LCS subscribers. The Online portal provides daily data of stamped booking, Delivery Completion, Status Update as well as Online Tracking and Follow up Service. Unique Login details allow total in-house Company control including date progress and feedback to the right individual immediately. A very user friendly management system. LCS Management system is totally transparent allowing each user to verify their daily and monthly spend. Each unique login allows for each user to be notified immediately when there is a potential delay. System data is available for review over a 5 year period at no additional cost. Sign up today and make use of all the features this amazing Legal management system has to offer.

Dirco Authentication

LCS can assist with the Dirco Process of either Authenticating Certified Reports, Degrees, Marriage Certificates and Police Reports or initially assisting with the certification of these documents at the Departments of Higher Education before Authentication. Our Service includes the collection and Delivery of these Original documents. Our Dedicated staff ensure that no time is wasted when attending to these time sensitive documents. Immigration is a reality and while dealing with many other issues let LCS handle the paperwork at Dirco for you. LCS will collect from your office or home and ensure that the correct process is followed to get your documents in order for a successful and hassle free immegration.

Messenger Subscription

LCS offers a Standard Ad–Hoc price list designed for each specialist service. Each matter is completed with your account reference for easy account reconciliation for client billing costs. Medium to Large companies may enjoy the benefit of fixed Messenger subscriptions which provide fixed costs and peace of mind annually. Monthly Subscriptions can be customized depending on your firm’s requirements. Providing monthly estimates of volumes will help LCS create the perfect subscription for your firm. Saving thousands of Rands annually for the same service , contact an agent today and start saving.