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The LCS Subscription Service Model: providing you with the freedom and flexibility to choose what you need,
when you need it, at a fraction of the cost.

Local daily/overnight deliveries from as little as R65.00 to the following destinations:

All Courts
All Deeds Offices
All Sheriff Offices
All Attorney Firms
Bank Panel (4 Major Banks)
Listed Government Departments

Legal Courier Services Subscriptions How it Works


1. Determine your monthly volumes

2. Choose the right Subscription Package for your Firm

3. Open an Account and get all your users registered online

4. Your company profile will be activated

5. Select your service and confirm your collection date

6. Book your service and add a special instruction (if applicable)

7. Print your waybill and attach to your consignment

8. One of our legal messengers will arrive and collect from your offices

9. Your instruction will be carried out and completed

10. You will receive an email notification of proof of delivery

11. Your itemised billing will be sent to you online at the end of the month

Legal Courier Services Subscriptions Added Benefits


1. Use purchased credits for any local overnight delivery destination listed

2. Access to a totally transparent paperless management system to keep track of all consignments booked by all users in your firm at no additional cost

3. Special instructions and communication on each consignment is stored online for 5 years

4. Feedback and follow ups are updated, recorded, and sent via email

5. Consignments requiring a follow up service are diarised and actioned automatically

6. Billing per Service and not per kilometre

7. Daily and monthly account status

8. Itemised monthly billing and online proof of delivery for all consignments

9. New case numbers sent electronically as soon as documents have been issued



Just follow these steps:

1. Register a profile using the link below

2. Once registered go to “My Profile” and open an account

3. Follow the steps and submit your account application

4. We will contact you to guide you through the rest of the process